We are a movement of organisations and educators who enable young people to take part in social action 

We are the enablers

Generation Change wants to make social action a mainstream activity for all young people.

We were founded in 2013 by a partnership of the UK's leading social action organisations. We are working together to capture and share best practice so that anyone, anywhere, can enable young people's social action. 

We want to achieve 3 things:


1. Codify best practice.

2. Power a learning movement.

3. Make it easy to find projects.

Enablers are the adults and older peers in a young person's life who support them to take action.


That can be:

  • Teachers

  • Youth workers

  • Youth group leaders

  • Charity workers and programme leaders

  • Volunteering centres

  • Public services that use volunteers

  • Parents

  • Local businesses

  • Local government 

  • Funders, researchers, policymakers...


We need you.


Are you an enabler?

What is social action?

“Social action” = practical activities to help others; such as:

  • befriending an elderly neighbour,

  • mentoring a peer to overcome bullying

  • starting up a social enterprise

  • campaigning on an important issue


It's all about the 

double benefit.


Youth social action has a "double benefit" - it benefits both the young person who takes part, and the cause or community that they give their time to. 

This definition helps us distinguish social action from:

Youth activities that primarily benefit young people; such as: sports, mentoring, or camping.


Forms of volunteering that don't benefit young people, like litter picking or bag packing at supermarkets.

Both of which are great! But are not what we define as social action.

What are Impact Partners?

Generation Change Impact Partners deliver quality social action activities for young people.

This is a certification scheme for organisations that are deeply committed to using evidence and data to improve their outcomes on young people and communities.


All Impact Partners have signed up to using a common impact framework to identify and share best practice with our learning community. 

Every Impact Partner must complete a rigorous 12-month certification scheme that involves independent validation by our research partners.

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