Evidence | Jul 11 2018

Mumsnet survey on attitudes towards youth social action

The #iIwill campaign has released results from a 2017 Mumsnet survey looking at attitudes of parents towards youth social action. 1341 parents completed a survey via Mumsnet.com, with 98% of respondents being mother, with at least one child between the ages of 10-20. The data has been weighted by the age and gender of the children so all ages and sexes were equal. This has also been applied to the data on social class to make the findings representative for all UK parents.



  •     Over 90% of parents think it’s important for children to be involved in activities that help the environment or other people
  •     84% agree that voluntary activities should be part of their child’s education
  •     83% say that they want their child to contribute to wider society



Benefits of volunteering and youth social action

  •    80% of parents surveyed believe that volunteering and social action improves their child’s wellbeing and health
  •    79% say it boosts their child’s confidence
  •    75% believe it will help their children secure employment in the future
  •    40% say it gives their child a break from being online

Parental support

  •  73% say that they support their child to get involved by providing encouragement
  •  50% say that they offer practical support by providing transport, money and food

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