News | Oct 03 2018

Launch of Impact Partner status

Today Generation Change has launched a new certification scheme to recognise youth social action organisations that are deeply committed to learning about and improving their outcomes through a shared impact framework.

Organisations will be known as “Impact Partners” of Generation Change. To achieve the status, organisations must complete a 12-month accelerator scheme that includes independent validation by Dartington Service Design Lab.

The first 6 organisations to achieve the status have been announced as:

  • The Scouts
  • The Diana Award
  • vInspired
  • Envision
  • Young Citizens
  • The Key


The scheme is being supported by a range of funding organisations including the #iwill fund, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Co-Operative Foundation.

The certification recognises youth organisations that are deeply committed to achieving positive outcomes for both young people and communities through social action – described as the “double benefit” model.

Organisations must complete a rigorous, 12-month process of independent validation and improvement called the Impact Accelerator, currently delivered in partnership with Dartington Service Design Lab. Through this process, youth programmes adopt a common impact framework, and receive bespoke training and consultation to improve their programme design and evaluation.

At the end of the 12 month process, organisations are invited to join Generation Change as an Impact Partner – provided they have have evidenced their commitment to continual learning and evaluation of their impact.

Amongst the first 6 organisations to complete the scheme, 4 organisations made significant changes in their social action delivery, and 2 have redesigned their theory of change. 70% of staff who participated significantly re-assessed their level of confidence in using evidence to design social action activities, with 87% strongly recommending the scheme to other youth organisations.

A further 9 organisations have been selected to join the second round of the accelerator, hoping to join our first 6 Impact Partners:

  • City Year
  • WE UK
  • Student Hubs
  • UK Youth
  • The Co-Operative College
  • Young Minds
  • N-Gage
  • UpRising
  • Football Beyond Borders


Tessy Ojo, CEO of the Diana Award:

“The Impact Accelerator process has really changed the way we approach programme design and evaluation.”

Victoria Dunn, Deputy Chief Executive, The Key:

“The Generation Change Impact Accelerator has made my life easier as it has helped us to identify key areas of development and focus our efforts. All of our staff have fed into this and they totally understand the benefit of the Impact Accelerator in supporting us to evidence our impact and value.”

Tom Franklin, Chief Executive, Young Citizens:

“We’ll be proudly displaying our Impact Accelerator badge as a mark of the quality and our commitment to ongoing improvements of our social action programmes. It’s great to have had external validation – a real boost for the team.”

Funding partners:

#iwill fund
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Co-Op Foundation

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