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We are a movement of organisations that are committed to delivering high quality youth social action. We work with sector leaders, youth practitioners, and researchers to power a dynamic community of learning in the field of youth social action.

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Our organisations each help young people to drive social change in their communities.


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Young people a year do their social action through one of our Founding Member programmes.


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Become an Impact Partner

We are building a community of Impact Partners within Generation Change. Impact Partners are organisations that use a common impact framework and work together to use evidence and data to learn about their impact on young people and communities.

To become an Impact Partner, organisations must complete our Impact Accelerator, a 12 month scheme that we run in cohorts each year. The scheme provides a host of support and training as well as independent validation by Dartington Service Design Lab. Please get in touch with one of our team if you're interested in joining the next cohort!

What does Impact Accelerator involve?

To become an Impact Partner, organisations must undertake an improvement cycle that is independently validated by our research partner, Dartington Social Research Unit.

An improvement cycle is a review process that firstly assesses your programme’s strengths and weaknesses, and then sets goals for improvement in order to strengthen confidence in the programme’s ability to make an impact on young people and society. This takes place over a 12 month period, in which we provide a host of training, guidance and critical challenge to build capacity for learning from evidence.

Impact Partners of Generation Change are continually collaborating with each other in order to improve and share best practice. They also get to work with social research experts, putting them at the forefront of best practice in youth social action.

The process

An improvement cycle is a series of steps that organisations take at their own pace, but is expected to take around 12 months. It has four phases, starting with a rigorous self assessment that is then validated by an independent research expert - proceeding through a supported improvement plan, and culminating in a final review.

During this time participating organisations are supported to adopt our Impact Framework, and benefit from cohort training, bespoke support from Dartington Social Research Unit as well as opportunities for sector wide collaboration.

Is the Impact Accelerator right for our organisation?

To be eligible to take part in the Accelerator, organisations must:

- Be an incorporated organisation that has a social purpose clause in its articles of association - i.e. a charity, CIC, B-Corporation, or other social enterprise.

(We do accept non charities, but in these cases, social impact must clearly be the overriding purpose of your organisation.)

- Be seeking to achieve at least two of the outcomes listed in our outcomes charter.

- Deliver a dedicated social action offer for young people.

- Have already delivered some version of this programme at least once (including current delivery)

- Demonstrate a clear plan for the sustainability of this programme for at least 12 months after the start date of the accelerator.

- Have capacity for organisational learning and staff involvement in the scheme. NOTE: for certain organisations and for very small voluntary groups that do not have an organisational structure, we do not advise taking part.

- Have demonstrated a prior commitment to ensuring quality of service, and have a belief in the importance of evidence for informing service design.

You can be based anywhere in the UK to take part in an improvement cycle.

How do I apply?

Applications for our next cohort of participating organisations will open early next year. We are currently finalising some funding relationships that will determine the size of our next cohort, and how much we can subsidise the scheme.

The Impact Accelerator has a fixed cost to organisations that take part, which we have yet to finalise. This covers a package of bespoke support and training, as well as expert insight and challenge from Dartington Social Research Unit. After completing an Improvement Cycle, we will then ask for yearly membership fee to continue engaging in our learning community. This will give you access to regular collaboration between all Impact Partners, as well as a yearly check in on your impact framework.