Best Practice | Feb 02 2016

The 6 quality principles

Use these 6 simple principles to understand what we mean by quality youth social action.

Youth social action takes place in a range of contexts, and includes many different kinds of activities and social issues. But we believe that, however young people take part in social action, their activity should reflect 6 key principles to ensure a quality experience. These principles are:

The 6 quality principles are a good starting point for thinking about how to offer really meaningful youth social action opportunities.

They have been chosen based on what most youth social action organisations believe are important for determining quality. We also have some evidence to indicate that youth programmes that apply these quality principles are achieve positive outcomes.

Find out more about how these principles are being applied:

  • Embedded
  • Progressive
  • Reflective
  • Challenging
  • Youth-led
  • Socially Impactful

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